Every team needs to have common values ​​and goals in order to function. My expertise lies at clarifying the team’s purposes and values, empowering each member and helping the group move towards its goals as a whole.

I use everything I have learned and learn every day about quality and safety systems, including, when applicable, photography in my practice as a catalyst for communication and as a means of empowerment.


"The way we look at the world determines who we are and it is what we are that affects every moment the dynamics of the system in which we operate.”

"Photographic Coaching is coaching practice using photography as a mean of stimulating the thinking process."

"Photos reflect the way we perceive the world around us."

I cooperate with companies in the fields of quality, food safety and occupational safety management systems.

I am interested in two areas in my profession. Quality and Safety Management Systems and Photography.


Tell me and I will forget, show me and I can remember, involve me and I will understand.

There is no doubt that evolution certainly gives us different perspectives.